Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work on all Laptop makes and models?

“Yes, we work on just about any laptop out there, and can fix almost anything, quickly.”

Do you do both software and hardware repairs?

“Yes, we can repair nearly any fault that you have with your laptop, whether it is a software problem or hardware failure, including LCD replacement, screen backlights and power connectors. See Our Services section for more information.”

Will I know exactly what it will cost before you work on it?

“Yes, you will know all costs, including VAT, before we do anything. There are no surprises. Our UK Laptop Repair page has more information on our repair service.”

What if I feel the cost to fix it isn’t worth it?

“This sometimes happens with older laptops – in cases like this, if you want your laptop back, there is a return shipping fee of £35. Alternatively if you don’t want your old laptop back, we can recover the data and recycle the laptop for you. We also have other options available – just ask.”

Speaking of my data, is it safe with you?

“Absolutely! We never remove or otherwise touch your data apart for backup purposes (which we’ll always go over with you first.) We take data security very seriously, and are trusted by large companies with their most sensitive data.”

Do you really serve the entire UK?

“Yes. We handle the pick-up and delivery of your laptop wherever you are using specialised packing and fully-insured couriers. For more information see The Repair Process section in our website.”