Laptop Motherboard Repairs

As part of our service package, we are able to offer a laptop motherboard repair service, right down to component level.

We can repair the following problems and much more:

  • Dead laptop
  • Distorted graphics
  • Laptop powering up but not booting
  • No image on the screen

A Thorough Laptop Repair Service

All laptops that come in for a component level repair take a little longer than other repairs. This is because we thoroughly test all aspects of the board to find all faults.

The repair is then carried out by one of our specialist technicians – they carry out component level repairs, and nothing else.

Once the laptop motherboard has been repaired, it is thoroughly tested for a few days to ensure that the repair has taken fully.

Motherboard repairs take a little longer, as we realise the importance of getting it right. Laptop motherboards are extremely complex pieces of electronics and need to be treated as such. We want it right, and are sure that you do too.

Oh, one more thing – our laptop motherboard repairs carry a 12 month guarantee – beat that!


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